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Buying Your First Home? REALTORS® Are Your Professional Guides. Make Sure You Choose a Top Expert.



You might be a bit afraid or intimidated by the whole process of buying your first home. As a top Mobile, Point Clear, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fairhope and Baldwin County real estate expert, it's my job to guide you, from beginning to end.

I will take the time to go through each and every step of the buying process. There are no dumb questions!

Together, we will consider:

- How much can you really afford?

- How to qualify for a mortgage.

- How much cash you should put down.

- How to buy a home with little or nothing down.

- What it takes to get approved for financing. What banks and other financial institutions are looking for.

- How much your payments will be.

- The tax advantages of buying.

- Is renting or buying better for you? Email me for my Free "Tips for Renters" list.

- Professional Home Inspections

- Termite Inspections and Bonds

- Home Warranty

- Home Owner's Insurance

- Survey

- Lead Based Paint Testing and Waivers

- What "As-Is" really means for you.

- Earnest Money

- Titles and Deeds

- Utilities

- Title Insurance

- Buyers' and Sellers' Disclosures

- What happens in a Multiple Offer Situation?

- County, City, and Property Taxes. How they are prorated at the time of sale.

Tell me a bit about your situation below. I'll get right back to you. There is absolutely no charge, and I offer this to you with no strings attached.


New to the home buying process? Tell me your concerns. Ask me questions. It's my job to help! There's no obligation, and I promise to get back to you quickly...